S. A. E. P. Nettles of Rockmart, Georgia

SAEP Nettles Marriage RecordShadrack Abendego Ephraim Pierce Nettles is listed as born in Georgia in 1818.  He married Georgia Elizabeth “Eliza” Hitchcock on 27 June 1841, in Paulding County, Georgia. The western part of Paulding County was split off to form Polk County in 1851.  The town of Van Wert, which had been the Paulding County seat and where the Nettles went to church also became part of the new county.

Of note, Van Wert was made the county seat of Paulding County in a vote held in 1832 at the home of James M. Nettles.  I have not yet found the connection between James and S.A.E.P.

Eliza and SAEP had seven children:  Naomi, James, William, Mary, Martha, Shadrack, and John.  James and William served in Georgia infantry units during the Civil War.

SAEP died in February, 1858. Eliza died in 1864.