Final Project: Down to the Wire

The final project is up.

Updated, 11:51 pm: The religion page has been loaded.  This is an upload of an R Markdown document exported to .html.  R is the software we have been learning to us in Dr. Mullen’s Data and Digital History course.  There’s some built-in CSS that’s screwing up the fonts  from my own CSS design, and my rule won’t display at the bottom. It’s not a matter of simply deleting code, though.  (Take a look at the page source for an idea of what I was working with. Go ahead — scroll down.  I dare you.)   I think that next time I will pull the images and tables out and insert them into a fresh .html page.  Also, I’d make the three choropleth maps for 1895-1905 into an animated .gif.

Overall, though, I’m going to call this a win.

Who thought it was a good idea to put the last week of classes right after Mother’s Day?  “I hate to sound ungrateful, but I need all of you to leave so I can work on my final project.  But leave the cake.”

I incorporated the feedback from last week (thank you all very much).  Personally, I don’t much care for the addition of the extra red around the JA inside the wingding, but I bow to the wisdom of the crowd.

The religion page is a placeholder for a project I did in R.  I’m troubleshooting some html transfer issues with my professor and hope to have it posted by the deadline tonight. But first, I need to go interfere in my daughter’s life over dinner.  It’s what mothers do.


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