Rumen Nation Projects

The Rumen Nation hosts several long-term research projects, a discussion of quilt and textile restoration techniques, observations on the rural lifestyle, and other things I feel like talking about:

Faded Coats of Blue is the project site for recording the analysis of primary sources of information about the men of the 118th Illinois Infantry and tracing their post-war lives.

I am the webmaster for the Hancock County, Illinois Historical Society.  A short presentation I prepared on local children who came to Hancock County aboard the Orphan Train prompted a team project to trace each of these children — where they came from, who they lived with, and what became of them as adults.  You can read more about them at the Society’s Orphan Train page.

Last Known Position posts document genealogical and related historical narratives relating to my research.  Hover over the menu bar at the top of this page for a list of surnames; they are also listed in the right-hand sidebar.  If you find someone of interest and want to know more about their family tree, I’ll be delighted to correspond with you.

I also restore (and repair) quilts and some textiles.  My particular love is for crazy quilts, but I’ve worked on plenty of cotton quilts, antique clothing, and flags.  I document some of my work in posts categorized Quilt Repair and Restoration.

I also make some occasional posts about the farm which served as inspiration for the site title (we raise goats) and hope to share more about the service in which my husband and I served for a combined 45 years, the U.S. Coast Guard.