Week 5: Thinking About Color

Jesse Moore, Iva's father. When he got too old to ride, he worked the chuckwagon - A JA Ranch invention.
Jesse Moore, Iva’s father. When he got too old to ride, he worked the chuckwagon – A JA Ranch invention.

The readings on color provided a good summary of color theory;  the rules seem to be universal across quilt design, home decorating, and web design.  None of it seems to resolve my paralysis when it comes to actually choosing a palette, which is why I like the extraction tools so much.

Last week’s review on site coding was helpful, and the follow-up email with the instructor’s coding was important for ensuring that everything got noted down properly.

I’m looking forward to moving on to Photoshop and learning to properly enhance and restore images. The image posted here was used in my atlas project for last semester’s cartography course.  The crease along the bottom needs restoration work, as the dutch oven is an important piece of documentation of the camp cook’s tools.

I commented on Amy’s and Kater’s  blogs this week.


  1. I like that image and the fact that you will be working on enhancing it through Photoshop. Old images can be very charming, sometimes because of the creases, but also difficult to actually see. A friend of mine recently restored an old photograph with Photoshop and it was absolutely amazing how much detail the eye missed when dealing with the damage done by time. I look forward to seeing what the image looks like when you are done.

  2. Interesting thoughts Kim, I am a little worried about the photoshop assignment so I’m hopeful that those of you who have used it before will provide help for the newbies 🙂

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