Week 11: Narrowing down design options

My design page is here.  After the trauma of last semester’s struggle with shades of brown that kept turning pink on the printing press, I think I’ve successfully moved on to a color combination that will work with the people and the times of my subject.

jabrandwindingAfter talking things over with my brother, who is a graphics artist, I decided to use the ranch cattle brand to create a recognizable icon in the header and to punch up the section breaks in my text.  As usual, what I have in my head is superior to what I’ve been able to produce so far.  (Soooo much optimism in those last two words.)

I think I need to balance the header text a bit more, too.  Any further tweaking is going to have to wait until next week, though, as my EMT mid-term exam is on Tuesday and I need to study.


  1. I really like your design page. The image in the header and the overall lay out really grabbed my attention. I particularly liked how you used the brand for a wingding on the section dividers.

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