Today’s Veterinary Excitement

Remember this mystery object? It’s a stanchion for holding goats relatively still while you do rude things to them.
First, I gave them each a series of vaccinations against various goaty diseases. (There’s no picture of that — the image was corrupted. I broke the camera — ha.)

Then, the Studmuffin moved in for the hoof trimming. Goat hooves are hard but thin — kind of like your Grandpa’s toenails.

Some of the goats came willingly to the stanchion in exchange for a cup of grain. Others had to be convinced. This isn’t as mean as it looks. Goats are herd animals and understand dominance. One way to gain dominance is to grab the goat by the horns, pull it to the ground, and lay on it for a while. After a few moments, this doe was completely relaxed.

What you don’t see is that goat and man are lying on a manure pile. You have to take your dominance where you can get it.


  1. poor goats. I don’t like getting stuck with needles either. When you said “rude” things, I was expecting worse than vaccinations and pedicures…

  2. Oh, so maybe I was closer than I thought with my original guess! Do goats smell better or worse than cows or sheep?

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