Coming Attraction

Like this? It’s just one small section of a beautiful 1883 Crazy Quilt that is on my studio worktable for evaluation. I’m squeezing a lot of different projects into my time these days, so a full post about this quilt will have to wait for another day. As always, when I post pictures of client quilts on this blog, I have the permission of the owner.

Meanwhile, I’m off to pack for yet another trip to Washington, D.C. Perhaps this time I’ll get the opportunity to sneak into The Quilt Patch and G Street Fabrics.


  1. I found G Street in Rockville to be incredibly disappointing, don’t know how the other branches are. But I love Cottonseed Glory over in Annapolis.That crazy was a whoooole lot of work. Makes me see why they were called crazy.

  2. My eyes are bad enough as it is. After sewing that they would be even worse! How on earth did they they do it?

  3. Ohhh, that crazy patch is just gorgeous. How lucky you are to be able to ‘play’ with such textiles.*hugs*Tazzie:-)

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