Moo Moue

Having mastered the X’s and O’s of Tonya’s free pieced lettering challenge, it was time to moooo-ve on to new horizons. Using a pack of FQ’s that I purchased at the Sisters Quilt Show in 2002, I designed the pattern for the cow’s head — that turned out to be a learning experience all in itself. The first iteration of drawings looked more like the Velveteen Rabbit than a cow. I went for something a little less realistic looking, and the result is the series of silly posts about visualization I put up earlier. I am so grateful to everyone who told me that they could tell it was a cow!

Next up, the lettering. I went for the standard 4 inch block that Tonya recommends, and fussy cut the fabric for the center of each “o.” After that, it was a matter of holding my mouth just right as I pieced it all together. As with the Corn and Bean top, it lies absolutely flat despite all the odd seam lines. Amazing!

The final step was to place the eyes. Now “moue” is defined as a small grimace, but real cows are pretty much expressionless. They have the ultimate poker face. (If Blogger ‘s upload were working properly this morning, I’d show you.)

However, my graphic cow has any number of expressions depending upon how the eyes are placed:

Pensive? Concerned?


Sea sick:

And Pic-cow-so:

I won’t attach the eyes in their final position until I’m done quilting the top. Perhaps I’ll place a small button hole in the top so that I can rotate the eyes about as my mood fits.



  1. Amazing what moving the eyes does. I like the idea of button holes. You could change the expression to match how you feel.

  2. I’m with Dawn – if I had to pick just one expression it would be “resigned” – very very fun. Turned out great and I love your first M particularly well. Has a jaunty look.

  3. Great quilt! Guess the eyes really have it, don’t they? Wonderful fabrics, too…Really gave me a smile this morning.

  4. I love it! and here I thought ‘moue’ was the french spelling of ‘moo’, making it a bilingual cow. I like the fussy cut cows in the ‘o’s.

  5. As Blogger was loading up your pics for me, I had to smile! I liked the surprised expression- kinda went with the fun lettering! Guess you have to have a lot of patience to restore quilts, but a talent that all other quilters will love you for! Way to go!

  6. This cow quilt is absolutely adorable!! I may have to send my brother a link to your blog just so he can see this…lots of cows in my family! 😀

  7. This is just too funny how the eyes change the look on the face so much. You’re going to have to make lots of cows, each with its own look and personality.

  8. What a moooooooooving quilt … I’d love a version with small cows, each with a different expression, as you show above. If the eyes could move, would it be a Moo Moue Mouvie?

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