Post 15: Final Atlas

The JA Ranch Atlas is complete – at least in term of the final assignment.  I had to delete a page of content because I simply ran out of time.  I’d like to go back over winter break and add it back in.

The colors are not perfect for web production; the printed image is much more integrated.  That’s a production problem that’s going to require some professional assistance.

Oy.  Off to get my final papers for my two other classes finished.






  1. Nice revision on your atlas project, Kim. I like how you swapped out the pinkish background with this light mint color, it’s a nice contrast. Interesting story as well! Great work.

  2. Nicely done, Kim. I like the new color scheme, too. I kept running into color problems myself. The .pdf version always displayed a slightly different hue than the .indd version. So, I was very happy when the printed copy was truer to what I had in mind.

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