Dummies – a sea story


 The Survivor, by Linda Tanner.  Reprinted by permission.

True Story:

Years ago, a U.S. Coast Guard cutter and a British Royal Navy ship were in the Caribbean to do some joint patrolling; as is often the case, they exchanged a few crew members.

During this exchange, the British ship conducted a man overboard drill.  The Royal Navy Chief in charge made a call for volunteers and a young man selected.  He donned a lifejacket, hopped over the side, and the drill commenced.  After he had been retrieved from the water, the sailor was given a towel to dry off and a tot of rum as a reward.

The visitor from the U.S. Coast Guard watched all this with some bemusement.  Turning to the Chief,  he said,  “In the Coast Guard, we throw a dummy over the side.”

Said the Chief:

“So do we.”


  1. I love it!I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. I'll definitely visit often. I'm off to look for those goat kid pics. 😉 We have 21 on the ground now, and will start kidding the dairy herd in Dec – then the Boers & Kikos.

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