Poor Rosie.  She and MasterChief went out for their evening “stroll” and were back inside within 5 minutes.

It’s 8pm, and there’s officially a blizzard blasting its way through the countryside.  Snow is blowing by at 40 mph, leaving patches of ground bare and piling in drifts several feet high in other places.  We still have another 12 or so inches to go.

Scenes from this morning are on the left; this afternoon on the right.  It doesn’t look too spectacular, but when the Studmuffin went out to chore shortly after the second set of pictures were taken the snow was filling his footsteps within minutes.

DSC_0203 DSC_0206

DSC_0202 DSC_0205

One comment

  1. I think you got more snow than us, but we definitely got the drifts.We called the county and they came out and opened the road with a plow (i'm surprised that the county even owns one) so the kids wouldn't have to go through the neighbor's pasture to get home.Nice to know somebody else knows what a “bottom” is!Rosie is a doll!

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