A Moment in Time – It’s Karmaaa-mmaaa

Lens is a New York Times photography blog that features images from all over the world.  Last month, they asked readers to participate in a project called “A Moment in Time.”  Users were to take their photographs on the same date, at the same time and upload their submissions – at 1500 UTC, Sunday, May 2, 2010.  Sure, this sort of project has been done before — but the New York Times took those submissions and compiled them into an interactive site.  You can spin the globe and select a location, even filter the results by broad categories.  The results at the top of the photo stack are those that have been voted up by others.

I spun the globe, stopping over southern Europe, and this is the random image that came up:

romanian goats

Mircea Mitran, a 77-year old, plays with two of the kids in his herd, in a field in the village of Limanu, Romania, located east of Bucharest.

Meanwhile, in the field near a village in Illinois, located south of Chicago, the Studmuffin is playing with his kids.


We have got to get these two together!

See much more at A Moment in Time – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com


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