Some of you have some work to do


So,  webcomic does a survey on how people perceive color and comes up with some pretty interesting results.  Among them:

  • Women and men see color very differently.  Men seem to see color in a utilitarian way (red, blue, green).  Women express their color perception through association (cayenne, sky, fern).  However, when forced to name actual colors, the sexes are able to agree on names.  Well, there’s progress.
  • “Puke” and “vomit” are totally real colors.  Those of us who work with, erm, biological substances every day could have told you that.  There are days around here when we spend hours discussing the color of various excretions and what they might signify to the health of the herd, the vet bill, and our plans for dinner.

Most fascinating (to me) was this color map.  I think most people have got the green, blue, and red down (perhaps that’s why they’re such popular colors).  Take a look at the boundaries of brown and purple, though.  Seriously?

Some food for thought for my quilting buddies and those of you interested in visualization.  Oh, and here’s a nerdy article about color perception if your interest has been piqued:  Cognitive Daily: Do we all mean the same thing when we talk about colors?

Full article here:

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