Treaty Violations and Imposing Sanctions


Anybody who thinks mice are cute never had one running loose in their house.

We have a treaty agreement, the mice and I.  They don’t show up inside the house and I don’t kill them.

The politicos warned that the election of a new president results in some testing of boundaries and treaties to see if we’re still serious.  I guess this guy thought he’d test this boundary.  In response, I signed the order for the ultimate sanction.

America still stands strong!


  1. I can remember standing next to my mother in the doorway of our kitchen while she shot the mice that were too light to spring the trap. Now THAT was war!The Cranky Yankee

  2. We had the little critters constantly in the old house. **knock on wood** haven't seen one in this new house yet!My cats are too lazy to go rodent hunting.

  3. mmmm oh my, yes well I am glad that is yours to deal with and not mine… that would for sure be honey mans territory here! ROFL… okay okay I admit it I am a whimp…

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