Frog Prince: Coxswain Under Instruction


Having failed to scare him off with some basic goat wrangling, the Frog Prince has returned for a couple of weeks to visit the Admiral and to do some work around the farm.  I’ll be posting some pictures so that his parents (Frog Queen and King?) can verify that we haven’t killed him.

When we told Frog that we were mowing today, he probably didn’t expect this.


After a few moments of instruction (press down on the clutch, engage the PTO for the mower, increase RPM’s to about 1500, let off the clutch slowly….), he was ready to take off.


The Admiral hasn’t pulled the mower before, so she got some instruction as well.


Trimming the pasture encourages new growth, which the goats prefer.  We’ve got chicory mixed into this field, which they really enjoy.

The bucket stays up for better visibility.  No, you can’t ride in it.


Next lesson: cleaning out the barn with that bucket…..

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