Conceding Defeat

What kind of people bring livestock into their house?


First I drew the line at the back door.

Then I drew the line at the kitchen, and only for treatment of hypothermic newborns.

Then I drew the line at bringing the preemie into the house overnight.

Now, our purebred buckling is ill.  He’s recovering, but still has to be hydrated by tube feeding.  (Wrestling a feeding tube down a goat’s gullet was NOT in the brochure).

Then he got heat exhaustion, because he’s still dehydrated.  So…..

The songs on Guitar Hero haven’t seemed to bother him.

All I can say now is:  Thank goodness we don’t raise cattle.


  1. I've had my nubian x saanan does in the laubdry [ and okay, when they were really tiny, they did get brought into the house so visitors could bottle feed them without wading through the muck ]but that's itand I draw the line at the Guinea Fowl!

  2. Oh, I can so relate to this, although since we don't live on a farm, I get stray cats, the occasional dog, and vagrant people in my house. I, too, have given up and am just thankful I have a home to share…

  3. Eh. You couldn't have taken the picture on a day I did my hair could you? Part of the realism I guess…

  4. I am so laughing, we too raise goats and oh my there was sooooo much that wasn't in the brochure as you say LOL… As far as bringing them in the house, to date I have only brought in twins to bottle feed them. Then back to the barn they go.

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