City Mouse turned Goat Roper

City Mouse, hereinafter known as the Frog Prince (for reasons related to his WOW screen name), continued his farm education yesterday by helping us work one of the does yesterday.

First, though, we brought out the Christmas tree.  Goats love pine needles and bark; by the end of the weekend, this tree will be reduced to a stick.  We filled up the hay feeder as well in order to lure the whole herd in.


Next, we picked out the doe that needed to have her feet worked on.  She’s in pretty bad shape and can’t wait until warmer weather.


Which is not to say that she agrees with this assessment.


Frog Prince and Studmuffin lifted her up into the Blue Monster….


and trapped her head inside the head gate. This holds the animal in place for work, but gives it some freedom of movement.  This particular goat responds to capture by laying down.  We put some hay inside the head gate for her to chew on while I worked on her feet.



Frog Prince decides this wasn’t too bad.  He wants to come back and do this again, I can tell.


Meanwhile, the rest of the herd is unconcerned.  Hey!  How’d that kid get into the bunk AGAIN?!


After a hard day on the farm, it’s time to go into the big city for dinner and a movie.



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