Three Brides

My blogging has been irregular of late, and I don’t think I’ve made it clear that there were TWO weddings this year.

In August, we gained a new daughter, Hilary ……


And then in October, we gained a son, Mike…..


Yesterday, we went to a goat auction at Western Illinois University, JUST TO LOOK.  We didn’t plan to fall in love, but we did.

So there are three brides now.

This is Legacy’s Claudia.  She looks and moves like an Impala, though, so we’re thinking her barn name will be Chevy.


Captain Patch is her intended.



  1. Aww, congrats to the parents of the brides and grooms! I’ve married off a daughter but still have two sons to get rid of (hmm, that didn’t sound quite right). I’m wondering what having a daughter in law will be like…

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