Liberated Cat and Polka Dot Goats


The cat sack class I’m taking from is coming along.  I’ve made the body, too, but only took the head out for a stroll around the barn.  Bag assembly is this week’s upcoming lesson.

(Hmmmm.  Looks like the fence needs painting.  I bet that would be a really fun job, and one that I’d really prefer to do myself.  But if you’d like to join me, Huck, I guess I could let you in on it.)



I’m enjoying this class.  Michelle Verbeek’s instructions are more like a set of guidelines, as there are very few absolutes in color or pattern choice.  Even the pattern for the cat’s face is just a starting point.

Even better, every imperfection only adds to the personality of the cat.  If you’re looking for a project that encourages you to just play, this is a good place to start.


DSC_0498I’ve fallen a bit behind on my quilting (and everything else) because of some of the work we’ve been trying to get done between thunderstorms this week.

Notice anything different about the herd?

No, we haven’t lost our minds.  We trimmed hooves yesterday, and marked each goat as we finished.  We weren’t sure we’d get all of them finished in one day, and didn’t want to have to run completed goats through for a second time.

It’s a good thing we marked them.  Goats don’t really appreciate getting their hooves trimmed, but several of them were willing to come back through if it meant getting a bit more grain.  A couple were downright obnoxious about it and had to be locked inside the barn where they bellowed their displeasure.

DSC_0503 You’ll note that the buck does not have a pink spot.

After assessing the situation for a couple of hours, he thought the exchange for grain might be a good deal.  He walked into the chute and even laid down in apparent invitation.  His horns are too big for the stanchion, though, which would have meant manually restraining him for the entire procedure.

We decided we weren’t up for that (these animals are much stronger than they appear) and will wait until the arrival of our new stanchion next week.

I am thinking we’ve got a great stunt for Halloween….. or maybe a promotion for the local library.  Maybe breast cancer awareness and fundraising — if you woke up to find a pink goat staked out on your lawn, how much would you pay to get it moved to your best friend’s house?




Or, maybe I’ll paint a racing stripe on one for the Coast Guard’s birthday.


What do you think?

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  1. your cat face is marvelous – sounds like a great class. poor goats gettign picked on… My Lily cat squeals like I’m cutting her paws off when I trim her claws… sigh.

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