Who needs a tornado?

So, the latest line of thunderstorms to roll through the Midwest had a bulls-eye right over our area: 70 mph horizontal winds and hail. The Studmuffin was out in the thick of it, rescuing a kid that was getting tumbled across the pasture. No word on who was going to rescue him.

We escaped with some missing shingles. Oh, and the chicken coop (a 500 pound former shed) is a foot and half farther east than it was this morning. The wind was strong enough to knock pictures off our neighbor’s walls. Yeah — the walls shook.

Nevertheless, we dodged a bullet. In town, there are large trees uprooted, hail damage, de-shingled roofs, and blew in the wall of a machine shed where friends store an antique car. I’m sure there’s much more that will be reported in the news tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the crest of the flood that innundated Cedar Rapids will reach us in the next few days. The bridge to Iowa has already been closed.

Life is interesting.

One comment

  1. HiSounds like you really got some wind!I,m in flood country..We are safe & dry. But keeping us busy at work in DesMoines at the hospital. So glad I had the weekend off.a friend you hardly hear from..Bonnie from Iowa

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