“Indiana Jones and The Chronicles of the Wheelchair”

Wallpaper from the official site
That’s what my daughter cracked as we walked into the theater.
“What?!?!? Are you kidding? That’s HARRISON FORD!” I shrieked.
“Mom, he’s old!”
“I suppose you think John Wayne was old, too.”
“Never mind.”
I go to the movie theater fewer than four times a year — the experience is almost always ruined by the behavior of a few people in the audience, so I’ve got to be truly excited about a film not to wait until its DVD release. Harrison Ford is on the very short list of names who can get me into a theater. Hear that movie people? Who is this Shia LaBeouf person, anyway?
I liked the movie. My favorite in the series is still Last Crusade, which was the film that included Sean Connery as Indy’s father. (Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in the same film? I’d walk barefoot across glass. Squee!) The movie is getting some bad reviews, mostly from reviewers who are too young to remember that Lucas’ and Speilberg’s concept was to do a take-off on the old film serials that used to run before the main feature. They’re supposed to be a campy. And, frankly, what a relief to be able to go to a movie where the language was under control and everybody kept their clothes on. Hear that movie people?
I won’t launch into a full review, but will mention a few points (no spoilers):
  • Karen Allen’s smile really can light up a room. She’s a great actress and I wish she had a larger role in this film, especially a scene soley between her and Ford.
  • Heh. Indy still hates snakes. Me too.
  • One aspect of Indiana’s character that reviewers seem to have missed is that he as he has aged he has taken on some of the same character aspects of his older professor friends in the earlier films — these are some subtle changes that Ford made, but keep it in mind as you watch, for instance, the scene in the library. It’s a bit forced because of the dynamics of the scene, but I appreciate what he’s doing — especially since mainstream films never seem to go for subtlety in either plot or character anymore. Hear that movie people?
  • “You’re a teacher?” “Part time.” Ha, ha. Age and treachery will overcome youth and exuberance every time. Take that, “Mutt.”

Oh, Harry. You’re still my action hero. Even when the day comes that you’re in a wheelchair. Hear that movie people!



  1. I saw the first movie 14 times in the theater when it first came out. hated the second one. didn’t much care for the third. I am going to drag myself back to a theater (for the first time in almost a year) because it’s Indiana Jones for goodness sake and more importantly, Marion is back. I loved the chemistry of those two characters sooo much.

  2. They’ve been showing them again on BBC1 and because they are on so late, I’ve missed them!I agree Sean and Harry in the same film – knee trembling stuff!

  3. Tonya, your comment about seeing the film 14 times in the theater raises another good point about movies like this. Hollywood is churning out a lot of stuff that *might* be worth watching once, but precious little that people will still enjoy watching again and again, even twenty years later.

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