Kidz In The Barn

It’s a boy…and then a girl! We have four does due to kid this week, with another 25 due over the next three months or so. Last night, Shadow was our first doe to give birth. First came a black-and-white buckling at 8:22 pm, weighing in at 4lbs, 4oz. The second kid, a jet black doe with some red patches and a white star on her forehad, was born just six minutes later and weighed 4lbs, 4 oz.

The buckling came into this world with one leg folded back, so the Admiral had to give a small assist. It was impressive to see her handle it with such confidence; all those hours of studying goat obstetrics paid off.

You can see the whole slideshow, complete with a peek through the window by the sire, over here.

Attention quilt police: Yes, that’s a quarter section of a quilt we used as a pad for the kids. It was heavily damaged, non-repairable, and had no use for teaching. Deal with it.


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