Web 2.0 meets the Library of Congress

Lee, Russell, 1903-, photographer. Mrs. Bill Stagg with state quilt that she made, Pie Town, New Mexico. A community settled by about 200 migrant Texas and Oklahoma farmers who filed homestead claims … Mrs. Stagg helps her husband in the field with plowing planting, weeding corn and harvesting beans. She quilts while she rests during the noon hour. 1940 Oct. originally uploaded by The Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress has posted to Flickr several thousand images from two collections: 1930’s-1940’s in Color and News in the 1910’s. These particular sets are posted under an experimental “no known copyright restrictions,” which means that these images can be used freely (though you should still credit the source so that interested users can located and browse through the collections.)

Access to these images without having to physically access the institution is thrilling – but without identifying criteria in the form of tags, users are still relegated to the electronic equivalent of thumbing through a shoebox of random photographs. What these images need are TAGS.

Flickr is inviting interested users to add tags to the images in order to make it easier for future users to locate particular images.

Please, go take a look a look and hang a few tags. Mrs. Stagg would have done it.

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