Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown

Jennifer and Jennifer: Our two red-heads on the farm

Well, his name isn’t Charlie, but the Studmuffin does have his very own little red-haired girl that he adores. We were all excited when our oldest daughter told us she was coming to stay for a whole week at Thanksgiving.

The week’s activities included driving lessons, which went much better than the first set of driving lessons many years ago. That wasn’t Jen’s fault — while the south parking lot of the Pentagon was an ideal spot for driving lessons (vast, empty, nothing to run into), the erratic patterns resulting from lessons on braking, turning, and maneuvering also aroused the suspicions of the Pentagon police, who descended upon father and daughter in full SWAT gear. (This was well before 9/11 — no more driving lessons at the Pentagon.) It was all cleared up quickly, but it made for a memorable day.

Meanwhile, I prepped the full menu listed in September’s issue of Fine Cooking, including an aromatic brining solution for the turkey. The end was result was most certainly worth the effort!

Our niece, Emily, was also able to come up for the day. We missed having her husband, an airline pilot, at the table.
Charles Schulz got it right when he depicted Snoopy as a vulture. Our beagle lurked quietly during dinner…..

Afterwards, the Admiral took the girls out for a visit to the herd — a quick one, since it was so cold.

At first, Jen wasn’t sure about having a goat named after her, but now that they’ve been introduced I don’t think she minds. After all, they’re both smart, independent, quiet leaders who know how to accessorize.


  1. sounds like a marvelous time. love the goats – what cuties. sweet lurking vulture too. better behaved than our kitties, who’d all be jumping right onto the table. ooh, that brining mixture looks aromatic. mmmm, turkey.

  2. Boy, you sure got a couple of good looking daughters out of that man of yours! And what a great story about the driving lesson! That’s definitely one for the books.

  3. It looks and sounds as though your family had a happy Thanksgiving. It’s fun seeing the pics and reading a bit about it.Thank you for the listings in your sidebar about my posts concerning values and colors.

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