Drinking on the job

Guinness Shadow, originally uploaded by Steffe.

“The real problem with drinking on the job is that it obliterates the reason for stopping work at the end of the day – so you can have a drink – thereby ensuring that if you keep it up, you will undoubtedly degenerate into a raving workaholic.” -Leah McLaren

Folks, on a day where I was supposed to be wrapping up loose ends in preparation for a new consulting contract that starts next week, instead I find myself in the middle of goat rope that must get sorted out by next Tuesday. (I would have said “or else,” but there’s not even that option.) Well, as Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day.” I think I’ll go get a little tight now. It’ll be good for me.

One comment

  1. sorry you’re stressed. hope you have your rope all straightened out now. I found a Murphy’s House pub here in Paris that serves draught Murphy’s Irish Stout – my husband was in heaven.

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