A Free-Pieced Weekend

Random — memorialized in a quilt

Random — if you know anyone in middle school, then you’ve heard this word ad nauseaum. It has replaced “awesome,” “cool,” “Hello,” “goodbye,” and “you’re welcome.” When the Little Admiral has her own children who are driving her crazy with the latest slang, I’m going to remind her of this.

This was the weekend for confirmation of faith and eighth grade graduation.

It started with the band trip to St. Louis on Friday, for a concert and then a day at Six Flags. The Little Admiral loves any ride that goes upside down or fast, preferably both at the same time. It must be a trait that skips generations. Next year, we’ll send her to the park with her grandfather.

Sunday was Ascension Sunday and confirmation for seven members of our youth. We arrived an hour early for robing and pictures.

The Little Admiral receives her corsage from a family friend.
This is what a confirmed Lutheran looks like.

After the fellowship hour, we had just enough time to run home for lunch and then get back into town for the high school graduation. The rising freshmen played with the high school band for the first time during the ceremony. Graduation parties kept us out until early evening.The next day, Monday, was eighth grade graduation. The Little Admiral got her exercise, coming forward for recognition of achievement in speech, history, literature, and citizenship. (It’s ok to brag just a little, isn’t it?)

After graduation, we were invited to the park for a small celebration with a classmate. When we got home, I presented her with her quilt. There are several free-pieced blocks, deliberately constructed of low-contrast fabrics. It is the embodiment of “random.”

And, finally, here’s a rare picture of me with the graduate. Normally, I’m the one behind the camera.
That’s it for the big weekend. School ends on Wednesday, and we begin three months of riding lessons, band camps (yes, plural), church camp, volleyball camp, trips to the west and east coasts, and slumber parties. When does the merry-go-round stop?


  1. Congratulations to the Little Admiral! (And to her justifiably proud parents.)I love her quilt. Did she choose the colors herself? Those are MY colors! And are those giant daisies appliqued on or did they come on some faulous fabric I somehow missed?Give me a shout when you’re headed to the west coast :- )

  2. Of course you can brag a little – she’s definitely a daughter to be proud of. Enjoy every moment – believe me, they are grown and gone before you know it and way before you are ready for them to be gone.

  3. Um, I thought bragging was required of parents?!? If it’s not — I’m in BIG trouble ’cause I do it all the time. Her quilt is lovely — LOVE those Lakehouse fabrics! (I could have some, if not most of them in my own stash — this is just maybe mind you)Congrats to you both. Oh, and according to my mother, the merry-go-round slows down when she learns to drive — and mostly stops when she goes off to college.

  4. it’s lovely to see you and the Little Admiral. Her quilt came out great – so fun and bright. truly marvelous all the way around.

  5. Enjoy the merry-go-round now, dear, for it stops before you’re ready and very suddenly. In 4 years you’ll be wondering where the time went. Congratulations to YOUR graduate, she’s grown into a beautiful young lady and you’ve got a lot to be proud of. I hope to see more of you now that summer is here!Love ya!

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