100 pounds of mud in a 50 pound sack.

My studio overfloweth — a baby quilt for a new cousin born two weeks ago, an antique crazy quilt awaits mounting, and I’ve finally (FINALLY) located the vintage fabric I needed to complete restoration of a 1950’s crazy quilt.

But……the Little Admiral graduates from 8th grade at the end of this month. As I was standing in a booth at the Quincy quilt show last weekend, I realized that maybe she’d like something a little more in line with her current tastes than the frog-themed crazy log cabin I made for her six years ago.

I’m going to use a Turning Twenty pattern. I doubt I can get it quilted in time, so this may be the occasion for making my first tied quilt. Some vivid embroidery floss might even enhance it. Tying it would give me the time to do some free-pieced lettering in it, too…..

Wish me luck.


  1. Wow, those fabrics are gorgeous! I’m sure the Little General will love the quilt. Never made a Turning Twenty quilt. Looks adorable and fun, though. Please post a pic when you’re finished!

  2. I have made several ‘Turning Twenties’ and I can tell that these fabrics will look phenomenal made up in that pattern! I bet she will just love it. Remember when you tie quilts, you get an extra bonus…each time you tie the knot you make a wish and fill it up with good thoughts and love!

  3. fun and bright – your daughter will love it. I’ve got some of those same fabrics from my last crazy spree.Hope you have some fun with free piecing. Hmm Congrats, her name, the year….

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