Isn’t This A Recyled Story From Ten Years Ago?

James Liekes is writing about this article. Amazing. Some women are married, and other are not. Stop the presses. Of course, Mr. James has a few thoughts on the quality of the analysis, and then goes on to muse about the bias against marriage (or is it just men) in the article.

Here’s my favorite quote about expectations in marriage:

“I prefer the model where one person is interested in the flowers that grow by the road, and the other discourses on the history of pavement, and you both speculate on the birds in the boughs above.”

That’s us, after nineteen years now — he’s noticing the wildlife, I’m waving my arms about political affairs, and we’re swinging together in the hammock at the end of the day watching the sunset. It balances out pretty nicely.

Oh, and I like this quote, too:

“But that’s not the most instructive thing about the story. No. The real story reflects on the newspaper industry, and it comes after the story’s conclusion.

Ariel Sabar, Brenda Goodman and Maureen Balleza contributed reporting.

It took four people to write and report that piece. Keep that in mind the next time you hear a tale about ruthless cutbacks in the newsroom.”



  1. I can’t believe they’re talking about 51% of women “over the age of 15” — 15? How many women are married at 15 these days?

  2. You and your mate sound like an interesting combination. It’s so good to hear that it’s one that’s still working after 19 years.I’ve been married to a man for 43+years. He has added many mostly welcomed diversions to my life. The best moments are those when we come together in appreciation of a moment, of each other, or a mutual undertaking.

  3. Like Nellie I have also been married to one man for 43+ years. We complement each other. He is left brain and I am right brain. We work our business together everyday. Some days are more “interesting” than others. But we have been able to apply our combined talents (left and right) to solve the daily challenges. The lubrication that makes it all work is a combination of love, friendship and humor. The Cranky Yankee

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