Hideously Ugly

We’re having some minor construction on the east wing of the house in December. This precipitated another one of my bright ideas which is going to result in the following: the TV will move out of the living room (which is good for about three different reasons) and into the former master bedroom, located in the east wing. The master bedroom is moving into the sewing room located at the back of the east wing. The sewing room is moving upstairs. So far, so good — only doing serious rearrangement of two rooms.

But then I had another thought. The Little Admiral’s bedroom has no carpet and it gets a bit chilly as a result. The “guest bedroom” has carpeting, a more efficient layout, and better light. It is also hideously ugly:

You have to see this from every angle……
to fully comprehend the awfulness of this room…..
This is the bedroom of one of the teen-aged daughters of the previous owners. The other daughter had a room with white walls and a border of pink stenciled hats. The Little Admiral initially chose the white bedroom and I painted it in Sherwin Williams “spa” and “aquarium.”

After talking about it, the Little Admiral has decided she would like to switch rooms. So now the sewing room moves to the bedroom, the Little Admiral moves to the guest bedroom, and the guest bedroom moves to the smallest of the three upstairs bedrooms (formerly a study/tv room). The work I did on her old bedroom is not wasted labor — it needed painting, and the colors will be cheerful and inspiring for a craft room.

But…the upshot is that, over the next several months, we will be picking up everything in every room in the house except the kitchen, bath, and dining room and moving it somewhere else.

Today, we TSP’d the walls in the new bedroom and layered on a coat of Sherwin William’s Pro Block to cover up the dark, uneven color. After hours of playing with the SW color visualizer, my daughter has picked out a vivid shade of yellow for the walls, and blue for the trim. Standing in the room tonight, I realized that she has chosen the colors from her favorite food in the whole world: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.


  1. That looks like a difficult paint job to cover up. Good luck! I grew up in a four bedroom house with 3 older brothers and my grandmother. I started out sharing a room with my parents and as my grandmother and each brother moved out I moved into a different room. I had fun doing that then. Nowadays the only moving I want to do would be into a new house.

  2. Sounds like a good, albeit complicated, plan. I think it’s great your sewing room will be the room that doesn’t have carpet. I would love a bare floor in mine!

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