Name This Block

A friend purchased a collection of blocks at an auction and this single pieced block was included among them. The block pattern is unfamiliar to her and she brought it in to me to see if I could name it.

It looks faintly familiar to me, but I can’t find it in any of my resources. Did I mention that this block is pieced?

Here’s a photo of the back:
Perhaps there’s only one block because one block was enough to induce insanity.

Sooooo….anybody know the name of the pattern?



  1. Wow, it’s beautiful. Pieced? Aye chihuahua. Tho I could do it too if I hand-pieced – that makes things much easier. I took a class from Ruth McDowell and it’s amazing to see what she can machine-piece – she could do this easy.

  2. That is a beautiful intricate pieced block. Makes me go insane just trying to figure it out much less actually piecing it!

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