Week 4: Dispatches from inside a Skinner Box

<insert link>  Oooh! It worked! And, look, a piece of cheese!  Let’s do that again.

<font-family: Merriweather;> Hey!  Look at that! Another piece of cheese!

Fortunately, Dreamweaver cheese is virtual; otherwise I’d end up in the ER with clogged arteries. Instead, I’ve got a set of type and an improvement over my first stab at CSS.  My type assignment is here.  I used the footnoting code that Dr. Petrik recommended.  It does strange things to my type that leading adjustments don’t fully satisfy; perhaps I’ll get some answers at the next class.


Slate has an article about a fantastic digital history site: CSI Dixie.  It contains 1,582 digitized coroner’s reports from six counties in 19th-century South Carolina. They haven’t merely been transcribed: you can search by type of death, name, county, and other variables.  I’m not an expert, but it looks like R is in use behind the scenes. When I think about building my prosopography, this is the sort of result I have in mind.

The site design is functional, and its simplicity makes it beautiful and engaging.


Having trouble picking out exactly the right colors and combinations for your page?  Use this color extractor to pull the colors from a website that appeals to you.  It will return a set of swatches along with the codes to use in your own design.


I commented this week on Kater’s blog.

That’s it.  Backing to pulling levers in hopes of some more cheese.




  1. I like the color checker. I spent too much time on it though because I am still struggling with design. My main problem was that I could see colors that worked well together, but I couldn’t find a background color and text color to go together without “popping” or being too subdued. I will have to work on that to improve the readability of my site.

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